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Trader Jack's Blog
October 17, 2011

We believe that tobacco is a plant that has natural properties that cause it to be “addictive”.

We also believe the surgeon general of the United States when he (or she) says that it is dangerous to your health, causes cancer, and causes problems in pregnant women. In other words it can kill you!

We also believe that as an American you have the freedom to choose to smoke which is not healthy or choose not smoke. The point is, it is your choice and not the choice of anyone else.

That being said, if you still choose to smoke we offer 100% farm fresh tobacco and we add no additional additives, chemicals or fillers. Do the words natural or pure tobacco without added chemicals mean safer? Absolutely not! It simply means that the manufactured cigarettes you currently buy, may have additional chemicals and fillers that you might choose not to have in your smoke.

We also believe that you have the right to purchase our tobacco and empty paper tubes and put the tobacco in them yourself saving you money over buying mass produced cigarettes sold by the big tobacco companies that have avoided telling us for years about the health issues related to smoking until they were forced too by the government.

We can rent you time on a simple machine to assist you in making your own smokes in the comfortable, smoker friendly atmosphere of our stores, or you can take them home and do them yourself there, saving you even more money by not renting the machine. Either way, it’s always your choice and as an American you should always have the freedom to choose!

The bottom line is this……If you don’t smoke, please, don’t start! If the big tobacco companies got you addicted and now you can’t quit, but can’t afford their high prices, or maybe don’t want the added chemicals or just like us because we tell the truth, then come in and find out why Trader Jacks Tobacco is “how you roll”.

October 17, 2011

Customer Comments
November 13, 2011
From: Keisha Mitchell
Subject: Sharing a good thing!

I made a trip to your store on opening day and found the atmosphere so friendly and
informative.  I love the concept and basis of your business.  And I love your
statement about choice.  I have let several of my co-workers try a cigarette from my
purchase from you and they, too, liked the natural tobacco...and of course the
prices when I revealed what I paid.  I have forwarded your website to them for more
information.  Hope you guys stay around.  I have no problem making the trip to Blue
Springs for the product and the friendly and helpful staff!